Create your application and start with our “Do It Yourself” process

If you are a manager, you can create your application to solve a particular pain point.

If you are looking to create your own business, then creating your application can help you to serve more customers with fewer costs.

What we do

We have designed the Codescrum Do it Yourself (DIY) start process to help you create your application from scratch.

You can start right now by either doing as much of the work yourself as possible or relying on Codescrum services to create your application.

Our services are designed to help you create a specific version of the application, depending on which step you have reached in the development process.

Which version of the application do you want to create?


Step 1. Define my application

You will obtain a product specification document that helps you to estimate the effort that will be required to build your application. You can do this by yourself, guided by our online course and team.

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Step 2. Create a functional prototype

You will obtain a prototype that works in a controlled real scenario which helps you to gather feedback from your users or investors. You may be able to do this by yourself to create some simple prototypes.

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Step 3. Create a minimal application

You will obtain an application with limited functionality that has the correct branding, complete workflows, third-party integrations, and can support a large number of users.

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Step 4. Create a market-leading application

You will obtain a robust application that implements many of the complementary features needed to achieve market success. This application offers a strong foundation for high customer growth and external funding from investors.

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We enjoy programming and sharing this passion with the open source community in London through regular meetups

London Ruby Unconference

Our yearly event for all the Rubyists

The London Ruby Unconference is our annual event where Rubyists come together for open and creative conversations around different RoR topics that are of mutual interest.

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Ruby Hacknight

Join us for our regular Ruby Hacknight on the third Tuesday of each month

An open, relaxed meetup where all levels of web developers can come and talk shop, share their knowledge, collaborate and hack on all manner of web and mobile projects.

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