Creating digital products means new business

Digital products mean new business

Codescrum helps digital agencies bring ideas to life by building digital products together.

Growing an agency - Growing Pains

Unpredictable sales forecasts

Unpredictable workload prevents hiring the right talent

Small and shrinking margins

Reduced profits limit reinvestment in growth opportunities

Hard to stand out from the crowd

A standard offering makes it difficult to generate a strong brand

Partnering with Codescrum solves these problems

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Matches your team size to your cash flow

Codescrum helps you plan your product strategy and roadmap. You can implement it in stages according to your business performance. Our team of specialists is on stand-by and work when you are ready.

Brings a product mindset in house

A successful digital product provides recurrent revenue, higher margins and increase the agency valuation greatly. Codescrum consultants come from word class product companies, have the required qualifications, and use proven business frameworks to launch new products.

Case Study
Case Study

Brings focus and differentiation

Digital agencies lead by example when they have built their products and brands. Having their own products generates trust and creates stronger brand recognition. Codescrum is a specialist in complex solutions that we create using our considerable experience and dedication to our craft.

Your path to success


Build a plan for product success

Model your business, market, and competition
Codescrum consultants will help you research, evaluate and document your business model, market and competition.
Validate the problem and your solution
We will help you interviewing potential users and gathering their feedback to validate the problem and your solution.

Prove with a prototype

Build a low fidelity minimum viable product
Codescrum product team will help you create your first product version.
Validate product/market fit
Using a rigorous business process, Codescrum will guide you in the validation of the product and the revenue model.

Data-driven evolution

Build a high fidelity minimum viable product
Codescrum product team helps you complete a minimum viable product.
Identify and validate metrics that matter
Codescrum helps you identify metrics and create management dashboards that clarify the business performance to investors.

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