Team Extension

Our talented team is ready to help you rapidly scale your software development

What is Team Extension?

Team Extension is a service for businesses who quickly require a team of software engineers that produce high-quality software, have the right level of expertise and team cohesion, and are very loyal to their projects.

Your existing team can scale its delivery capacity with skilled professionals who are ready to accomplish your company’s goals.

How does it work?

Why does it work?

Our team has many years of working together, so it is cohesive and can respond appropriately to difficult challenges.

We have demonstrated for almost 10 years that this model works for us so we can make it work for you, too.

We are fortunate to have strong links to top universities and attract some of the best engineers. They are committed, responsible and want to succeed in your project.

The founders of Codescrum are developers so we value an engineering culture that is not only constantly learning but also finds joy in solving technical problems.

We cultivate expertise and connections through our developer communities, and are focused on the following technologies:

Our experience with Team Extensions

We have helped many companies with this model. One of our recent examples is Brilliant Basics, a global agency that is now part of Infosys, a multinational company specializing in digital products and customer experience.

We worked as an extension of Brilliant Basic’s team for four years, contributing to the timely delivery of digital products to their clients.

The complete case study can be found below.

Business Cases

Brilliant Basics is an example of our Team Extension service, please read this case study below:

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