Step 2 - Create a functional prototype

You will obtain a prototype that works in a controlled real scenario which helps you to gather feedback from your users or investors.

Step 2 - Create a functional prototype

By the start of Step 2, you are already clear about what the product is but you are not sure about whether you can build it by yourself or need a team to do it for you.

You may now want to test whether your target users will want to engage with your application, as this will help you to understand the viability of the product.

In this step, we offer you the opportunity to either create your prototype with a low-code platform or have our team build it for you.

If you choose our team to do it for you, we will be happy to offer you a rebate on the price should you decide to continue with the minimal application in Step 3.

The prototype’s objective is to allow you to test your solution with real users as soon as possible, as well as clarify the features of a viable solution.

The prototype may have limitations regarding the maximum number of users and have smaller defects that don’t interfere with its main functionality. It may also not require branding design.

A prototype should take between 2 and 6 weeks of work for one person to complete.

If you want to see the full list of a prototype’s characteristics and how these compare with the minimal, market-leading application, please visit the comparison page here.

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