Step 3 - Create a minimal application

You will obtain an application with limited functionality that has the correct branding, complete workflows, third-party integrations, and can support a large number of users.

Step 3 - Create a minimal application

In Step 3, you have already tested whether you have a viable product with a prototype, so you now need to offer your market an application as soon as possible.

This application is called the minimal application because it is the fastest and least expensive to build, with only the main functionalities that your client/investor is happy to pay for.

Codescrum can build a minimal application between 3 and 6 months, depending on the complexity of the solution.

The main features of the minimal application are:

  • An attractive user design.

  • Built with best practice that guarantees its future extensibility, including the addition of new features.

  • Easy to integrate with other systems from clients or internal tools.

  • Serves a large number of clients.

  • Complies with specific industry standards, such as GDPR compliance and desired levels of security or usability.

The minimal application will meet the required quality levels that are required to pass the technical due diligence expected by professional investors.

Codescrum has both the extensive experience and in-depth expertise that are needed to help you build this minimal application.

Many of our projects have received significant investment and become real businesses or critical proprietary tools that provide the owners with a significant competitive advantage.

If you want to see a full list of characteristics of a minimal application and how these compare to the prototype and market-leading application, please visit the comparison page here.

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