Step 4 - Create a market-leading application

You will obtain a robust application that implements many of the complementary features needed to achieve market success.

Step 4 - Create a market-leading application

By Step 4, you will already have a working minimal application with real users and started considering how to grow its functionality in a repeatable process so that it will be the product leader in the market.

It is difficult to build the right team with the appropriate mix of skills and experience and this can take many years.

In addition, the founders or key management leaders are busy with market demands and require a technical team that can work autonomously and deliver the right results.

The team from Codescrum is cohesive as it has worked together with the right processes for many years and can respond to difficult challenges.

Codescrum can build a market-leading application in about six months from scratch with two developers, but this can be done quicker with a larger team or if you already have a minimal application.

The main features of this market-leading application are:

  • Attractive user design and branding.

  • Works on multiple devices, such as mobile phones, tablets and desktops.

  • Built with best practices that guarantee its future extensibility, enabling the addition of new features.

  • Easy to integrate with other systems from clients or internal tools.

  • Serves a huge number of clients.

  • Fully compliant with specific industry standards, such as GDPR compliance and desired levels of security or usability.

We have developed solutions for companies that are global leaders, including Checkmarx, a leader in the provision of software security solutions for modern enterprise software development.

We built an online training platform for them called Checkmarx Codebashing that manages the training of thousands of developers across hundreds of organisations to help them address their security vulnerabilities through interactive training.

We scaled Checkmarx Codebashing from a Minimum Viable Product to a global leader in four years, helping to generate total value of over 1 billion dollars for the investors.

Please visit our comparison page here to see for a full list of characteristics of a market-leading application and how these compare to both the prototype and minimal application.

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