Specific Systems Solutions

Advanced configurations for Ruby on Rails applications

What is Specific Systems Solutions?

these are specific solutions that we have chosen to implement across a wide variety
of scenarios, contexts and problems, and in which we have particular expertise.

Solution categories

We have grouped our specific systems solutions in categories below but this list is not
exhaustive. Please get in touch with us if you are looking for a different solution.


Improve the way you manage your Ruby on Rails application infrastructure.
Containerize your Ruby on Rails app using Docker.
Run your app on AWS (EC2 or ECS)
Setup your services to auto-scale
Improve performance through caching

Specific features

Simplify and automate operational processes in ​​your company.
Add advanced search capabilities, seamless authentication mechanisms for your staff and customers and more.


Create a custom integration with third party services such as:
- mass email marketing platforms.
- social networks.
- analytics systems.
- survey platforms.
- payment gateways.

Preventive security

Perform preventive security updates and Rails framework upgrades.
Perform a basic security audit of your Ruby on Rails app.
Quickly deactivate features in the event that recent vulnerabilities are detected.
Comply with GDPR.