Maintenance and Support

Keep your systems operational over the long term.

Do you need support?

All software systems must adapt over time in an ever-changing environment.

To remain competitive you must have an experienced support team that can conduct regular maintenance tasks and upgrades to your operational infrastructure.

Application Support and Maintenance

If you already have a system in operation that uses Ruby, Python, Android, or NodeJS, we can help you with small fixes and regular operational tasks to keep the system operating correctly.

Areas of Expertise

We can help you with
Fixing bugs

No software is born perfect, but your business needs to keep going. Squashing bugs lets you continue working without issues.

Extending existing features

There is always a way to improve your current workflow. Optimize operations through extending and fitting your system to your needs over time.

Creating new features

This is what is generally understood as “development”. Remain competitive through innovation and new feature development.

Security updates

Keeping your system operational is one thing, but keeping it safe is as important. Security patches, updates and regulation compliance are an important part of support.

Business Cases

We have supported many clients' operations over the years. See below for some of their cases.

How can we help you?

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