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Closing the gap between performers and the production industry

The Summary

Building an online platform that extends the stage’s industry reputation and reach


Our goal was to build an online platform where artists can find work and production directors can cast a play using artist showreels.



We received a description of the goals and high-level requirements of the platform then delivered functional implementations, asking for feedback at each step.



The Stage Castings application is now a profitable extension of The Stage's advertising services.

Codescrum personnel worked with us on a complicated technical build over a period of 6 months. They offered a talented and accomplished developer whose significant experience and creativity added a great deal to the project. The finished product is both impressive and exciting, and that's in no small part down to Codescrum’s input. Their developer was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend them highly to anyone seeking top-end ruby on rails expertise.

Simon Lodge

Engineering Portfolio Director Recruitment Director
Centaur Media Plc

The Challenge

To develop the castings application from scratch that is the new digital channel for offering jobs to artists at this newspaper.


The Stage Castings application matches performing talent with casting directors. For casting directors, it offers a simple self-service way of casting their next production from a wide-ranging talent pool.

From the performer's perspective, it offers numerous auditions and casting opportunities for acting, singing, dancing, or presenter jobs.

The Stage Media Company Limited provides news and services for the UK theatre, entertainment and performing arts industry. The Stage newspaper is an essential resource for the business, and includes a castings application for performers and producers alike.

The application enables performers to upload videos and incorporates video performances as an optional part of the shortlisting process. It also offers email-based alerts so agents can find out about castings that are not publicly available.

As development partner, our role was to deliver:

  • Complete back-end and front-end development of the casting matching platform.

  • Advanced faceted search architectural design and database modeling with rigorous automated testing.

  • Successful implementation of the casting & performer matching algorithms.

  • Moderation systems for advertising casting opportunities and promotion of performers.

  • Payment gateway integration enabling recurring payments.



For this project, we initially received a written description of the goals and high-level requirements of the platform.

We then followed through many functional implementations of those ideas, asking for feedback at each step. The initial UX/UI designs were created in collaboration with a creative design agency in London.

When we implemented the user flows, our team took a rigorous approach to implementing the usability design. We understand the importance of enabling both performers and casting directors (advertisers) to complete the steps required to complete their tasks in the most efficient way possible.

We followed an iterative approach with frequent reviews and a rigorous testing process. At the end of the project, we managed a two-week, technical handover on site, documented the project and took the in-house lead developer through the different parts of the system.



The Stage Castings application is now a successful and profitable extension of The Stage's advertising services.

It has allowed them to build on their market-leading reputation and differentiate themselves from traditional media companies by providing a digital platform that supports their customer base.

One of the most used features within the application is the search module. This gives casting directors control with over 28 dimensions enabling them to filter artists to match the roles they have. Overall, the applications contains details of 6000+ roles, publicises 100+ active auditions and enables directors to filter a database of 450+ performers in remarkable detail at any time.

Client Location

London, UK


4 Codescrumers


2011 - 2013

Our team built an online platform where artists can find work and production directors can cast a play using artist showreels.

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