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A global agency, now part of infosys a multinational corporation, specialising in digital products & customer experience

The Summary

Partnership with Brilliant Basics to create digital products that fulfil commercial and customer needs.


Create innovative products and brilliant customer experiences that increase profitability and satisfy customer needs.



Codescrum collaborates on Ruby on Rails application development with Brilliant Basics team, offering a detailed handover process where needed.



Brilliant Basics are able to offer complete design-to-operation delivery that meets increasing customer needs.

I had the pleasure of working with Jairo and his team during my time at Brilliant Basics. He always dedicated as much time as was necessary in person—if not more—while his team diligently delivered on the projects remotely.

Tom Chislett

Director of Interactive Technology
Brilliant Basics

The Challenge

To give life to the great user experience and pixel-perfect designs by Brilliant Basics with beautifully crafted Ruby on Rails applications.


As one of Codescrum's partners, we have helped to support their delivery of projects with wide-ranging technical implementation including:

  • Web Development

    Feature development (Rails).


    Implementation (Ruby).

  • Services

    Deployment of services to chosen infrastructure.

Brilliant Basics collaborates with its clients and startup partners to create new products and seamless online experiences.


Codescrum engages with Brilliant Basics' team, collaborating on Ruby on Rails development across several projects. Wherever necessary, we plan and deliver detailed handovers that enable Brilliant Basic to focus on the most important aspects and goals of the project.

In addition, we often deploy services to production environments.



Codescrum increases the capability of Brilliant Basics, enabling them to manage complete design-to-operation delivery that fulfil more of their client needs. We have acted as a trusted development partner on a range of projects, including:


HeadBox is the UK's first online marketplace for inspiring meeting, off-site and event spaces, enabling users to search, book and pay online for venues in an easy way.

HeadBox aims to be the global go-to platform for bringing people and spaces together all in one place to make brilliant things happen, and has secured 8.7 million in funding so far.

Besides completing numerous calendar and critical user journey features, Codescrum helped with the implementation of the payment flows and gateway integration. This had to take into account several edge-cases as well as clearly communicating booking and payment status to different types of customers.


CBRE’s 75,000+ professionals provide exceptional outcomes for clients in over 100 countries by combining local market insight, broad services, specialised expertise, premier tools and resources.

Brilliant Basics had initially developed CBRE's real estate property CMS and simplified administration backend for one of their main audience segments. However, they turned to Codescrum when they needed to migrate data from a legacy system and to deploy the application to a production environment. We performed the implementation as well as, identifying and documenting an in-depth disaster recovery plan.

IRC WashCost

The IRC (International Reference Centre for Community Water Supply), WaterAid and Water for People's share principles for driving the systemic change that is needed to offer universal access to clean water by 2030.

The IRC received funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for this project.

Codescrum's collaboration with Brilliant Basics was mainly focused on delivering the Water Supply Sustainability calculator and 2 types of reporting tools - a basic and advanced version. This job involved the creation and delivery of an extended decision tree coupled with an algorithm to work out the most likely cost, to maintain the water supply in long term operation.


Codescrum delivered several visual enhancements to the Watani website, following specifications provided by Brilliant Basics designed to improve graphics, icons, colors and UI/UX in general.

This project was commissioned by the United Arab Emirates Government as part of their Digital Transformation programme.

A major consideration of the project was the LTR (Left To Right) and RTL (Right To Left) reading capability that was required because the platform supported both Arabic language and English. In addition, we worked with responsive design in order to be available on popular mobile phone screen resolutions.

Client Location

London, UK


Project management
Between 1 and 2 people.
Project development
Between 1 and 8 people.
Product deployment
Between 1 and 3 people.


Aug, 2015 - Jun, 2017

We created cutting edge products and brilliant customer experiences that increase profitability and satisfy customer needs.

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