About Us

We are a Company born from the fire of two dragons

Who we are

Codescrum is a team of talented individuals who enjoy building software that makes the unthinkable possible.
We want to work for better world that we can help create by making
software that delivers impact beyond expectations.
Meet our founder team!

Know our story

Our Name

Our name, codescrum, is the combination of “code” for the DNA of software and “scrum” for a united team with a clear goal.
by Jairo Diaz

Our Logo

Our logo is based on a chord diagram which is a data visualization technique to describe the relationship among the components of the whole. The whole represents a digital solution composed of four segments depicting the end-user, our client, our team and the technology. All these components are firmly related to each other.

Our Core Values

Real understanding

Deep understanding of why things are the way they are.

Constant challenge

We continuously seek to do the best for our projects.


Solutions should be as simple as they can possibly be.


Clear communication is our key element of building software.


We emphasize precision and conceptual accuracy in all contexts.

Our Vision

"We will be recognised worldwide for our capacity to transform the world through technology"
Codescrum understands how technology can solve global challenges and we contribute to communities with innovative solutions that transform our clients and the world.
by Jairo Diaz

Codescrum is a leading centre of excellence and our members are invited to help contribute to solving real issues. Codescrum members are inspiring and positive contributors to the world.

Codescrum transforms organisations so that they can find their purpose, identity and gain control of commercial realities enabling them to contribute to wider well-being.

Our Founder Team

Born from the fire of two dragons

About Jairo!

Jairo Diaz is a Digital Transformation Consultant with Digital Delivery based in London. He advises clients about identifying digital solutions to improve the operational efficiency of their business processes and generating business value from large amounts of data through machine learning technologies.

Jairo Diaz

Managing Director

About Miguel!

Having founded Codescrum with his brother Jairo, Miguel currently serves as a product lead at the company with a main focus on web applications based on the Ruby on Rails framework. A strong technical background and technological understanding enables him to collaborate closely with clients to help them find the best solutions.

Miguel Diaz

Technical Director

Our Story

Codescrum is a company born from the fire of two dragons… Miguel is the Small Dragon and I (Jairo) am the Big Dragon!

Miguel and I are brothers and since childhood we have always had a very close relationship. We were born 12 years apart, both of us in the Chinese year of the Dragon which is why we say we are Dragons (we don’t spit real fire!).

Software programming was the first lasting passion in my life, born on the day that my mother hired a tutor for me at the age of nine.

I feel grateful that my brother Miguel shares this passion and accepted my invitation to create Codescrum in 2010. We met at our parents' house in Colombia and worked together to articulate our intention to create software for the UK market.

Shortly afterward, I arrived in London and started working with our first clients. Miguel, who had just recently graduated from college, joined at this time and rapidly grew into a senior role, turning Codescrum from a dream to commercial reality.

Codescrum represents the love for our family and for crafting software.

Today, we feel proud that our solutions are used by global companies such as Microsoft and SAP and that we are recognised for our contributions to the world through our software that makes the unthinkable possible.